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Why alkaline?


We guess that 99% of all body care products and Shampoos available in the shops are predominantly acidic in constitution whether or not they are produced organically, and whether they are cheap or expensive. Acidic products bear the great disadvantage of closing the pores, and hindering the natural function of the skin. As a result, the skin and even the whole body can really degenerate into a kind of waste dumping ground for health-harming acids and metabolic residue substances.

Why mild alkaline body care?
OVIMED alkaline products open, mildly purify in Phase 1 and nourish the skin in Phase 2. They support the skin in its natural work, and thereby offer completely new treatment possibilities for:

· Cases of hair loss and scalp problems of all kinds
· Itching, dry and greasy skin
· Cellulite, skin cracks, calcaneal spur, fungal skin infections, warts, herpes
· Pain in the joints, inflammations, sunburn, gout, varicose veins
· Headaches, migraines, allergies, neurodermite, psoriasis
and for many other afflictions.

The holistic approach of the OVIMED specialists
Our predominantly alkaline care products and the holistic approach of the OVIMED specialists very often lead to exceptional successful treatments. By using regularly OVIMED mild alkaline body care, several positive effects will rise up: The body is healthy (muscles, joints, liquids, tissues), extreme sweating is becoming less. The skin becomes silkily soft through self-greasing, has more elasticity and looks fresher and younger. OVIMED products are very effective in case of cellulite and hair loss and lead to a healthy hair growth.
You can find more information about the nature orientated or organic OVIMED products in chapter Philosophy.

Liquids constitute 70% of our body and 80% of the skin.
Hair loss and many skin problems are almost always caused by excessive acidity in this liquid. Why?
We, human beings live on oxygen. Oxygen is important in an elementary way for a healthy life. The best oxygen supply is available in an alkaline environment. But in an overly acidic area, oxygen is missing and this may lead to cell irritations.

The development of acids:
The development of acids is largely caused by poor nourishment, by nicotine, alcohol, stress, emotional problems and other acidity-promoting treatment of the body.
It is essential to take care that the other expulsion organs like kidneys, lungs and especially intestine are healthy. If it is not the case, skin will have to eliminate more nocuous substances.
Also medication like for thyroid, hypertension, beta-blocker, antipsychotic drugs... as well as all kind of unhealthy way of life may have a negative effect on hair growth and skin.
Our expulsion organ skin is working properly when we use alkaline body care because it opens it.

Pulsating liquids:
We can, therefore, only attain optimal results from treatment if we maintain a healthy alkali level throughout the body, and as far as possible avoid pH acidic or skin-neutral products.