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Terms and Conditions

1. General provisions

The present provisions apply to all deliveries and services provided by the Enterprise Sandra Hunsche, Siedlerweg 13, 89134 Blaustein-Weidach/Germany to consumers (Article 13 BGB (the German Civil Code).

2. Selection of goods

Responsibility for selecting the ordered goods and the thereby envisaged outcome lies with the customer unless the order is based on a separately paid for advisory service from Sandra Hunsche with a corresponding written recommendation to purchase.

3. Disclaimer

Information on our internet pages and any other information you receive in any other form from us shall not be deemed a diagnosis, treatment or therapy in the medical sense. It is non-binding, and does not replace consultation, treatment or care by a physician. You should therefore consult your physician with all health problems or complaints. No current medical treatment should be interrupted or terminated, no treatment needed in the future should be postponed or entirely omitted. We therefore accept no liability whatsoever in respect of the correctness, completeness or the timeliness of the given information.

4. Prices and payments

I All prices are quoted in EURO including the respective applicable statutory value-added tax, but excluding packaging and transport.

II Costs of packaging and transport
1) Europe (except French Oversea and Switzerland), insured
11 € independently from amount of order, for less than 5 Kg.
More than 5 Kg: 20 € and more than 10 Kg: 30 €
Insured shipment.

2) Switzerland, insured
25 € independently from amount of order, for less than 1 Kg.
Up to 4.9 Kg: 40 €, up to 9.9 Kg: 50 €, up to 14.9 Kg: 60 €
Insured shipment.

3) World/French Oversea, insured
66 € independently from amount of order, for less than 5 Kg.
More than 5 Kg: 83 € and more than 10 Kg: 115 €
Insured shipment up to 500 €.

4) Germany, insured
6 € for an order less than 120 €, otherwise free, for less than 5 Kg.
Insured shipment.

III Payment has to be made in advance, by bank transfer or through PayPal.

5. Information regarding cancellation

Cancellation terms and conditions

Right of withdrawal
You may cancel by writting your declaration of contract within 2 weeks without stating any reason (e.g. by letter, fax, e-mail) or – if the item is sent to you before the period expires – by returning the item. The period begins when the goods reach you or a mentioned third party (except the forwarding agent). To adhere to the cancellation period, it suffices to send the cancellation notice or the item in good time. The cancellation is to be addressed to
Sandra Hunsche
Siedlerweg 13
89134 Blaustein-Weidach
Telefax: +49 7304 434 705

For this, you can use the related form available on our website or any other explicit revocation form and send it back to us, filled in. We will then confirm you the revocation.

Consequences of revocation
If cancellation is effective, we will send you back your payment including shipping costs (except if you asked us to forward the goods on a special way more expensive than the normal standard shipping) within 14 days after having received your revocation. We will use for this the same method of payment used by you except we agreee upon another modality. You are not subject to charges in any way.

You have to send us back the received item within max. 14 days after revocation. You have to pay the shipping costs for it. If you cannot return the received goods, either wholly or partly, or can do so only in impaired condition, you must refund us any loss of value to this extent. In cases where items are handed over for use, this does not apply if the impairment of the item is exclusively attributable to testing – as would have been possible for you in a shop. For the rest, you can avoid the obligation to refund the value for an impairment caused through proper use of the item in that you do not use the item as if it were your property and avoid doing anything that might impair its value, its properties and functionality.

Exclusion of revocation
Revocation is not possible in case of:
- goods which have been specifically produced for you according to your special requirements
- short-life perishable goods
- if hermetic sealing has been removed by opening the goods.
- if the goods cannot be separated from other ordered and received goods.

6. Data protection

We shall store the data that are needed for handling the transaction. We shall naturally treat all personal data as confidential and we shall use them only for answering your queries, for carrying out contracts we entered into with you, and for the technical administration.
In some cases data are recorded on an anonymous way during ordering process and forwarded to Google to collect statistics.
Important Note for American citizens: in case of order, the SSN (Social Security Number) is required by customs and has to be submitted to us during ordering.

7. Applicable law

The present Contract and all litigation connected therewith shall be subject exclusively to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The application of the UN Convention of April 11, 1980 on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), and the Einheitliches Kaufgesetz (EKG) (uniform purchase law) and of the Einheitliches Kaufabschlußgesetz (EKAG) (law on purchase transactions) is barred.

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