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Poplar bud Extract

Body Care for Sensitive Skin and Scalp

In 50 ml Bottle with a pipette

For sensitive, dry Skin and scalp

Extracted by cold extraction. Natural and unaltered. pH 6.0

Poplar bud extract: stimulates the sebaceous glands. Counteracts dry, flaking skin.

Through its nourishing materials, it augments the effects of following OVIMED products:
Hair Active Lotion/Concentrate, Natural Sensitive Lotion, Lotion naturelle pour peau sensible and Lotion minerale.
They are added to the corresponding lotion using the pipette.
Recommended mixture rate: for 75 ml 2 pipettes, for 150 ml 4 pipettes and for 250 ml 7 pipettes.

In case of extreme skin problems a larger dose of the corresponding extract can be mixed to the lotion in a special application bottle:
Fill the application bottle approximately half full with the lotion, and then add 10-20 pipettes of Extract.
In few cases is an intensive 1:1 special mixture also possible. The more extract is added to the lotion, the more it loses its pH value.

Hair loss, dry scalp and itchiness: Hair Active Concentrate 75 ml + 1 pipette poplar bud extract + 1 pipette liquorice root extract.
Dandruff and very dry scalp: Hair Active Lotion 150 ml + 4 pipettes Blessed thistle extract.
Greasy scalp and itchiness: Hair Active Lotion or Lotion naturelle pour peau sensible 150 ml + 2 pipettes Blessed thistle extract + 2 pipettes Liquorice root extract.

Acne with heavy irritation: Fill the application bottle approximately half full with the Lotion naturelle pour peau sensible and add 10-20 pipettes of Blessed thistle extract. Eventually also: in the morning and/or the evening apply pure Blessed thistle extract on the face. Afterwards (only in the evening) apply slightly Rich Care Cream.

What ticks do not like at all: fragrance of Liquorice root extract
Apply as protection against ticks for men and animals: Fill the application bottle approximately 1/4 full with water or one of the alkaline OVIMED Lotion and 10 pipettes Liquorice root extract. Concentration can also be higher or lower, it depends on the protection needed and on how the fragrance pleases you. Most of the people like this fragrance.
The most important is spraying the legs. We recommend to spray also the other not covered parts of the body. Do not forget to spray head and neck.

Alcohol Denat., Aqua, Populus Nigra Extract

Unopened, best before 30 months from date of purchase. Once open, you can use this product during min. 12 months.



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