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Himalayan Salt

Alkaline Care for Sensitive Skin

Phase 1:

Natural product for body care
Alkaline Peeling with Himalayan Salt

The pink fine Rock salt is very nice for face Peeling and Body Scrubs and has a high energetic value.
This peeling salt cleanses, detoxifies, activates and revitalises skin and scalp.

The Himalayan Salt can also be used as Bath Salt.

How to use it?
Put some purifying shower gel or bio-alkaline shower gel and shampoo or alkaline shampoo in the palm of hand and add some Himalayan Salt.
Rub in body and/or scalp smoothly.
After a short application time, rinse off.
Mineralise skin with an alkaline cream and scalp with an alkaline lotion.

The Himalayan Salt is properly packed.

Ingredients: Rock Salt

Following size of the Himalaya Salt is available: 1 Kg.

Product-ID: H

Available within 3-5 days

7,50 EUR

19% V.A.T included, without Shipping costs

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