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Bio-alkaline Lotion Naturelle - pH 7.5

Bio-alkaline Body Care
for Sensitive Skin

Phase 2:
For Face and Body

Contents are the same as in Natural Sensitive Lotion for the Scalp. The special bottle enables a very fine spraying on the skin.

A soothing Lotion for highly sensitive skin. Useful for itching, inflammations, and skin irritations, swellings. Nursing substances such as lavender oil, liquorice root extract, urea, and panthenol give the skin a pleasant feeling.

With the Blessed thistle Extract, it is brilliantly suited for acne treatment.

Without preservatives.
Spray on, and rub in gently.
For further information see Natural Sensitive Lotion.

pH 7.5

Dermatologically tested. Allergy test with very good results.

Aqua, Alcohol, Glycerin, Panthenol, Urea, Dipotassium, Glycyrrhizate, Lavendula Latifolia Oil

Following sizes of the Lotion naturelle pour peau sensible are available: 150 ml (spray) and 500 ml and 1,000 ml (bottle)
For easier use of lotion in bottle bigger than 150 ml we recommand to buy also the empty application spraying bottle.

Unopened, best before 30 months from date of purchase. Once open, you can use this product during min. 6 months.



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