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Our top priority is offering skin, body and hair care products of the highest quality at fair prices.

We have two differently produced product lines:
1. Our Bio-Alkaline Sensitive Range:
They are produced according to strict organic principles and without chemical preservatives.
2. Our classic, mildly alkaline products:
In this range too, predominantly natural and nature-orientated ingredients are used.
When it seems necessary to us to reach a significantly higher product quality, we take our classic, nature-orientated products back to the advantages of mild chemical preservatives. These are included on a minimal scale, and very diligently. As a rule, thanks to the OVIMED principle of purification and subsequent mineralisation, we achieve such a great and positive effect on health that using these individual ingredients is worthwhile.

OVIMED alkaline body care products for skin and scalp are dermatologically tested. (Allergy test with very good results).

What we don’t do, and don’t use:
No formaldehyde particles
Many preservatives can release formaldehyde, which can cause cancer, and even in small quantities aggravates mucus and can provoke allergies.

No halogen organic compounds
This includes a great variety of substances, which contain bromine, iodine, or, most often, chlorine. Many are allergy-provoking, and some are even cancerous. Almost all of them are accumulated in the environment.

No sodium lauryl sulphate
Food additives, and aggressive tenside, which can aggravate sensitive mucus.

No paraffin, crude oil products or silicone
Most often made from crude oil, a non-renewable resource. Paraffin oils are very occlusive, rest on the skin and stop it being able to breathe. At OVIMED, we use plant-based, renewable raw materials.

No PEG/ PEG derivatives
They function as an emulsifier, binding water and fat, can make the skin more permeable, and channel contaminants into the body. They are produced by the use of highly toxic ethylenoxid (EO).

No phthalate
Diethyl phthalate is used, among other things, for the denaturing of alcohol. It is suspected that they harm the kidneys, liver and reproductive organs, as well as functioning like a hormone. They hardly decompose in the environment.

No polycyclic musk compounds
Man-made fragrant substances which accumulate in human fat tissue. Animal testing has indicated that they may damage the liver.

No animal testing
Animal testing has been forbidden in Germany since 1998. We have never requested or carried out animal testing. For years we have used the same raw materials, which do not require any new testing on animals, and which are certified as ‘free of animal testing’ by the German animal protection league (Tierschutzbund).

On the subject of alcohol
We only use alcohol in its pure plant form. It is not denatured with the usual phthalates. To denature something means to make it unpleasant to consume (legal prescription in the production of cosmetics). We use essential oils to denature it.

The glycerine we use is exclusively of plant origin. When combined with water, it functions as a moisturising agent.

Alkaline is not just alkaline

Our choice of raw materials for our products is determined by the needs of the skin. You don’t need to worry about an excessively high pH level (they are between approx. pH 7.5 and approx. pH 8.5). Partly incorporated fatty acids, mainly from coconut oil, but
also made from panthenol, the moisturising agent, support the curative effect even at the purification stage.
Scarcely any other purification product for body care is as mild, as economical, and thanks to its efficient, complete bio-degradability, as environmentally-friendly as OVIMED.