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a) I am not happy with the consistency of the bio-alkaline shower gel. What should I do?
--> This product is very concentrate. Just dilute it with some water in a empty mixture bootle.

b) First ailments become better, but now progress stopps. Why?
--> Input of acidity is not always the same (sometimes more stress, more acidic food, more negative emotions...). You have to compensate more by using more often the osmosis gel.

c) For how many time should I use alkaline body care?
--> Forever because you just compensate acidity with it. If you stopp, acidity level increases again and ailments start again.

d) Should I take alkaline body care only in case of ailments?
--> No. Alkaline Cosmetics are not only used for elimination of acidity in the body to purify body and balance pH but also for cleanses and care of skin and scalp.

e) Can I use alkaline Body Care during pregnancy?
Yes of course. Because of the lack of menstruation, the acidity level in body increases month by month. In order to compensate the over-acidification, it is very recommendable to use alkaline Body Care during pregancy. It helps in case of stretch marks, edema, hair loss, fungus, belly itchiness, spot, hemorrhoid, hot flash, varicose vein, migraine... In addition to alkaline Body Care you should also drink alkaline ionised water.

f) Can I use alkaline Body Care for babies?
Yes of course. Amniotic fluid where baby grows during pregnancy, has an alkaline pH (8.5) because it constitutes the more safe surroundings for baby´s health. After birth it is just a natural way to go on using alkaline body care to avoid ailments of skin and scalp.

g) When do I need the osmosis gel?
Whenever you have ailments related to acidification.

h) I was using an alkaline shampoo and a mineralising lotion (not OVIMED) but I have no result. Why do you think that OVIMED products will be more successful?
In case of hair loss you need the Alkaline Shampoo, the Hair Active Concentrate, the Power and Vital Capsules and the Alkaline Osmosis Gel. All 4 products are needed. The Osmosis Gel will make the difference between OVIMED and other producers because you will eliminate acidity intensively with the Osmosis Gel because of the high pH. This is needed in case of hair loss.

i) Can I use make up or does it disturb the effect of alkaline body care?
--> For the face you can use one of the two OVIMED Alkaline Tinted day Cream. In addition you can use non alkaline make up for lip and eyelid because these are small surfaces. If you don´t want to have colored lips, you can use the OVIMED alkaline lip balm.
Use additionnally and regularly the alkaline osmosis gel to eliminate acidity (on feet, at least 3 times a week for 1-2 hours) and the bio-alkaline osmosis gel (on face, daily 1 min.) and it would be fine.

j) What is the difference between the Natural Sensitive Lotion and the Lotion Naturelle for sensitive Skin?
--> Only the bottle. The Natural Sensitive Lotion has a nozzle application bottle for scalp and the Lotion naturelle for sensitive skin has a spraying application bottle for skin. Content is the same.