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Cellulite and Orange Peel Syndrome

For daily wash of body, use the Purifying Shower Gel. It is perfectly suited for the mild daily cleansing of the face and body.
Then mineralise body with the Lotion minerale by spraying it on the body. Then apply the Body Lotion.

For intensive purification, use once a week or more often the Osmosis Gel. It is for use in cases of hair loss, scalp and all skin problems. It is also an ideal treatment for cellulite and acidity problems like gout, pains in the joints and muscles... Its high alkaline pH-value creates a deep osmotic purifying effect. "Osmosis" means exchange of substances. The OVIMED Osmosis Gels are care products of Phase 1 with individual frequency of use and length of time the gel should be left on the skin. It depends on the degree of acidity of the body and skin. To start with, leave it in for shorter time than mentioned. In very few cases, skin reacts or a "prickling feeling" is experienced already after a few minutes. If this happens, the Osmosis Gel should be rinsed off. Normally you won´t feel anything even after several hours of application (This is not valid for the face!). If the skin doesn´t react, the elimination of acidity and the purification process is proceeding through the lymph towards inside.

Very important:
Do not eliminate acidity too much in problem areas, but like recommended by Kneipp, through feets and lower legs. No matter which kind of skin problem is there, to eliminate through the feets is very valuable. Length of time of application: 10 - 60 minutes or more. Apply the bio-alkaline Osmosis Gel thinly to the slightly moist skin, froth up and rub in well. Cover or not with stockings, trousers, or a t-shirt, and let the gel go to work. This is the most easy and mobile way to eliminate acidity. When the work-in time of the gel is up, rinse well.
If no skin reactions appear, work-in periods can be left on longer but take care in case of osmosis of the face. Apply also the Osmosis Gel on the Cellulite area.
The Osmosis Gel is mainly ideal for use at the sauna, during sporting activities (to break down lactic acids) and whenever you are in movement. It is even ideal after sport. Always rinse it off very thoroughly.
After using the Osmosis Gel, mineralise body with the Lotion minerale and the Body Lotion.

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