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Alkaline Body Care for Skin and Scalp

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Symptoms of Over-Acidification

Ailments like hair loss, dandruff, skin problems (fungus, psoriasis, herpes, spot, acne, eczema, itchiness, skin cracks, warts, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, calcaneal spur...), edema, allergies, cellulite, migraine, varicose vein, spider vein, overweight, osteoporosis, parodontitis, caries, joint pains, hot flash, stretch marks, hemorrhoid, vagina fungus are mostly caused by the over-acidification of the body. If body is constantly exposed to acidity (acidosis), it becomes sick because at cells´level cellular activity is disturbed or interrupted.

Acidic environment

Why these disturbances at cells´ level? Because body fluids become more viscous: nutrients and oxygen do not reach easily cells and harmful substances can not be eliminated quickly enough. Furthermore an acidic environment is aerobic (lack of oxygen). A healthy terrain is oxygenated and alkaline.

The German scientist Dr. Otto Warburg received a Nobel Price in 1931 for discovering the following: "To become malignant cancer must have a low oxygen, strong acid environment."

Alkaline Diet

It is very important to neutralise acidity and detoxify the body one day at a time to reach an acid-base balance. This can be achieved to some extent by dietary changes by eating more alkaline food like vegetables and fruits and drinking alkaline ionised water, by reducing stress, by going daily for a walk (refuel oxygen) and by sunbathing lightly as far as possible. This will help you in increasing your energy, power of concentration and efficiency, in losing excess body fat and in improving skin´s and scalp´s health.

Alkaline Body Care for more acid-base regulation

But unfortunately, in a lot of over-acification cases an alkaline diet will not be sufficient to reach an acid-base balance and to maintain or recover one´s health.
Body Care with an alkaline pH like OVIMED cosmetics are required for that because it has following impact: Elimination of harmful substances and detoxification. These Cosmetics are for cleanses and care of skin and scalp but also for elimination of acidity in the body.
Alkaline cosmetics purify body and balance your pH which is the most important step in achieving good health.

Alkaline Body Care made by OVIMED

  • OVIMED products contain no genetically modified or animal tested substances.
  • OVIMED alkaline body care products for skin and scalp are dermatologically tested. (Allergy test with very good results).
  • Most of OVIMED cosmetics are organic products (sensitive range).
  • They are high in energetic value. They are produced in a very diligent way, are mostly manually bottled.

Our Treatments Range:

  • Cases of hair loss, dandruff and scalp problems of all kinds
  • Itching, dry and greasy skin, acne, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, allergies, skin cracks, calcaneal spur, fungal skin infections, warts, herpes
  • Cellulite, joint pain, inflammations, gout, varicose veins, spider veins, migraines
  • Parodontitis, Osteoporosis, Caries
  • Ailments during pregnancy and menopause like stretch marks, hot flash, edema, vaginal fungus, hair loss, belly itchiness, hemorrhoid, spot

Skin and Hair specialists

We are not an anonymous dispatch company, but rather a consultation-ready company.
This is very important to us. From us you can assume the highest level of discretion and reliability. We are friendly, dedicated people. We have great experience as a skin, hair and osmosis specialist.

Alkalise your Body

Supporting natural body and skin functions is the central focus of our company. Osmotic processes in our bodies play a decisive role in this. Our products like alkaline Shampoos, alkaline Shower Gels, alkaline Creams, alkaline Deodorants, alkaline Lotions and alkaline serums are heralding in a new era in body care. Highly satisfied customers, with convincing treatment results are evidence of the good impact of OVIMED alkaline bodycare on body´s health.

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